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Changing Named User Cal identified by User Name to Machine Name.


      I have only on named cal for my server license.I would like to convert existing user name Named user CAL  to

Machine Named User Cal.I added machine name and clicked apply.I have attached image for reference.After that when i refreshed again only existing user is shown.


Please help

Thanks and Regards,


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Re: Changing Named User Cal identified by User Name to Machine Name.

If you are the only user, or if you only have one machine connecting to the server, it should be easy. Delete the assigned users shown in your images and wait for the quarantine period to go by. When the quarantine has expired, set the server to "Allow Dynamic User CAL Additions" and select "Machine Name". Then connect to the server either through the Desktop's "Open in Server" option, or if you have Publisher, through the Access Point. After you have opened a document and then closed it again, the server should capture the machine information.

You can also use the method I use. I have created a QV doc that uses the Server Session Logs to display session details. I grab the machine information from the log entry and use the "Assign Named User CALs" input box to add the ones I want. I can't use Dynamic Allocation because we have over 300 users, so I can't depend on capturing only the ones I want.

I hope this helps you.


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