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Chart Calcualtion

Hi all i have problem in chart calculation

for 1st row of calculation i.e., for date 28/12/18 which is a dummy record joined with the fact table so for

each fund(a,b,c....) the 28/12/17 were added, for all funds with 28/12/17 as 1st row and calcualtion i need is (Qty/nv)*Rate and

from 2nd row and above (above of calulation field) /(1+Coresponding level field values)


Date      Qty/Nv      level      Rate      Value(Calculation)

28/12/18 11.2                          3          11.2*3=33.6          (only for 1st row i.e., for date 28/12/18 calculation (Oty/nv)*Rate)

27/12/18 22.2          40          4          33.6/(1+40)=0.81  from 2nd and above the calculation is (Above(Value)/(1+coresponding level)

26/12/18 32              50          6          0.81/(1+50)=0.66          continue as above..........

.....                              60



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Re: Chart Calcualtion


use below script


    Date, Qty/Nv, level, Rate

    28/12/18 , 11.2, , 3

    27/12/18 , 22.2, 40, 4



load Date, [Qty/Nv], level,

Rate,RowNo() as Flag

Resident Test

order by Date desc;

drop table Test;


load Date,level,[Qty/Nv],Rate, if(Flag=1, [Qty/Nv]* Rate,Previous(([Qty/Nv]* Rate))/(1+level)) as Calculation

Resident new;

drop table new;

Re: Chart Calcualtion

Please look here Re: Chart function

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Re: Chart Calcualtion

What problem do you face exactly?