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Chart properties



In  the above chart there is no sales on July month. So Target also not coming.

Even if there is no sales also i have to display Target.

Is this data model issue or chart issue. Black Colour bar is Target.

Transaction Started on June month .So there should not be a target before to June month

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Re: Chart properties

Can you share whit us your data model ?

Re: Chart properties

What is your expression you are using for Target? If you have an if statement (or set analysis on sales field) restricting the Target expression to only show when there is sales, then I guess remove the if statement (or the set analysis). If there is no if statement, then this must be because of data issue

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Re: Chart properties

Hi Kumaran

It is definitely a data issue.

If you dont have data captured for the month of July, nothing will reflect on the chart

You can create a constant value for Target when you load the data




          20 as Target



Target will then be created with the value 20 for all rows, even for July