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Color variation in charts

Hi all,

We have a couple of charts which have to show a lot of fields, say, for example, around 30 vendors. What happens is that two or more vendors end up getting the same color and it is very confusing for the end user to differentiate between bars. Is there a way to ensure that no two bars in a chart have the same color?

I know that you can un-check persistent colors to get this job done. But that is not really a good solution as there is no uniformity across charts. Please help!



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Re: Color variation in charts


Try with colormix() concept

Hope that helps


Re: Color variation in charts

Hi, Prem.

If you cannot get Mayil's colormix suggestion to work, another option would be to predefine the rgb colour for each vendor and then put it into variable. The variable could then sit in the Background Colour of the expression.

That colour could be consistent with each vendor across multiple charts.