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Comparable Sales _ Like for Like

Hi Everyone,

I want to do some analysis for Like for Like sales for specific time period selected.

Current scenario - created a flag that marks my customers per month if they had a sale the previous year same month.

sing the flag I am able to identify by brand total sales that are like for like and not like for like for the time period selected - eg 9 months Jan - Sep 2017 vs Jan - Sep 2016.

My question is related to breaking this flag to minor dimensions like product/product type but based on the same flag.

I created a variable that provides a list of customers, however I am unable to use this in a set analysis within a straight table.

vLFL_Customer = "aggr(if(sum(aggr(DISTINCT LFL_Month_LY,[Month Year],Brand,Customer)) = GetSelectedCount(Month),Customer),Customer) "

This variable checks each customer had a sale in 9 months selected this year vs last year and then brings the list of customers.

Now I want to create a table that has

1. Brand,

2. Customer(All),

3. Like for Like sale(for customers on the vLFL_Customer),

4. Not Like for Like sale(For customers not on vLFL_Customer list)

Can someone help with this urgent query. Many thanks in advance.