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Compare User Data to Other Users when using Section Access


We have a physician scorecard that shows individuals their own performance data and only theirs by using Section Access. However, we now want to compare their data to their colleagues (de-identified). SA restricts all other user data by design. How should I restructure my data to make it so that I can compare the logged in user to their colleagues, without them knowing the names of those comparison colleagues?

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Hi, supposing the de-identified data is in another table you can relate each user with each other user of this new table. This can be done joining all users and removing the one that links with the current user, like:


LOAD IdUser Resident UsersTable;

Join LOAD IdUser as IdOtherUser Resident UsersTable;


NoConcatenate LOAD * Resident JoinTable Where IdUser<>IdOtherUser;

DROP Table JoinTable;


No, it's just one table. I'm concerned about basically having to duplicate the table.

Creator III
Creator III

I struggled with something similar recently. In all honesty the only solution that comes to me is what Ruben said.

I don't see an option that doesn't duplicate the tables, or at least the data you want to be able to compare. The only other option I see is one giant table where you repeat the data for all other doctors for each doctor, but that doesn't seem like the most efficient data model.

And if it's in the same table, how it's de-identified?. In that case seems all data is identified and maybe you only need to apply set analysis in expressions to compare user data with other users data.