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Comparison between qlikview version 9 and 11


Can anyone please tell me what are the things which will work in qlikview 11 but not in qlikview 9.

I wanted a comparison between qlikview 9 and 11.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Comparison between qlikview version 9 and 11

I'm not aware of any such list being available. You'll have to dig through the release notes for QV 10 and 11 and look for new features.
I wouldn't however, use dashboards developed in QV11 on QV9. 
First of all, I'm not even sure that you can open the files, and furthermore, data reliability is not guaranteed.

Also, QlikView 9 has been out of support for a very long time, and QlikView 11 will reach end of life in 17 months.

Daniele - Senior Technical Support Engineer at Qlik
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Re: Comparison between qlikview version 9 and 11

Nirmala, there are significant changes between version 9 and 11, and not a direct upgrade route that I recall.  There was a tool we used to have to run when upgrading from version 9 to 10 in order to get the QVPR properly converted etc. due to the changes we made in the structure of it.  That was the biggest thing I recall, and it was related to the changes we made in Publisher for the most part.  

If you do not have a lot of Publisher/Reload tasks in the environment, I would say it will likely be much easier to just start clean and recreate what you have instead of trying to upgrade the version 9 stuff...  Feel free to shout back if you have further questions, will do my best to provide more info if possible.  Oh, the other thing was the merging of the Management Consoles, we had the Enterprise and the Regular QMC back then, there is just a single one now etc.  

To Daniele's point, browsing through the the Release Notes for version 10 and 11 would be the best way to confirm all the changes.  Please also keep in mind that support for the 11.20 track is only guaranteed through March 2020 at this point, and there is no indication currently there will be a further extension on that, so you may want to consider the 12.30/November 2018 release.


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