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Concatenating Charts

Dear all,

               I am very new to qlikview so apologies If I write a bluntly wrong statement.

I was plotting a scatter plot and I wanted to plot an indicator(eg. revenue) vs other indicator(eg.sales). All these parameters are coming from the same excel and the thing I am unable to achieve is clubbing all those parameters in a multi-box so that while viewing the graph I would just have to choose one of the several indixes and the figures on the X-axis would change. Similarly for the Y-axis.

Do I need import a separate excel which would having the parameters and then we would merge(concateamte) the two excels into one.

I am wokring on this problem for a lot of while and would be really thnakful If people can solve my query.

Attached is a sample Q-likview file I need, some people have crated it before. And the excel that I would be exporting is also attached.

thnaks in advance