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Concatenating Two columns

Hello everyone,

I have an issue where I list (in some cases) two "owners" of one document, one as the primary and one as the secondary. I would like to combine this so that when in Qlik Sense, there is less of a distinction, and I can recognize that the secondary owner still is that asset owner (without having to list primary and secondarily owned assets).



I would like to be able to measure that Jeff owns 2 assets. As of now, we have a count of assets as the measure of Asset owner 1, which is not giving a full scope of workload.

If there is an easier way to do this with a function in Qlik Sense it is welcome.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

I'm not sure to undestand what you want, however:


load Document,[Asset Owner 1],[Asset Owner 2] resident YourTable;

you so obtain a table with this schema

Document, OwnerType, Owner

ABC Datasheet, Asset owner 1, Meg

ABC Datasheet, Asset owner 2, Jeff

DEF Datasheet, Asset owner 1, Jeff

so you can count easier for your measure.

best regards

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Thank you,

Where in the data load editor would this code go? I'm new to qlik sense. Would I write it in before the table that includes the Asset owner fields, or after?

Also, how would I phrase 'document'? What would that be.

Thank you so much!

Specialist III
Specialist III

Take a look here :

The Crosstable Load

Another little sample :

/* Load of raw data with MonthYear in column (Jan2014,...)*/




Product,Jan2014, Feb2014, Mar2014, Apr2014


B,98, 234, 267, 349


/* Load with cross table prefix wich allow to tranform your matrix */


Crosstable (Month, Sales) LOAD Product, [Jan2014],[Feb2014],[Mar2014],[Apr2014]

resident Orders_raw;

/* Drop the raw data became useless */

DROP Table Orders_raw ;

And in the message of Edmundo, document is just the field name of the first column (equivalent to Product in my example).