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Conditional Let

Hi i need some help to check the current month and then give to a variable a date.

if the month is the first 1 then the variable should go back 1 year , in the end of the 12th month

else point previus  monthend.

if today is 2013-01-18 variable should give 2012-12-31

if today is 2013-02-01 variable should give 2013-01-31

Is it possible to do this on the scpirt , to compine if with let ?

if (Month(Today())=1, LET vYTDEndD_LY= MakeDate(Year(Today())-1,MonthEnd(Month(12))), LET vYTDEndD_LY= MakeDate(Year(Today())-1,MonthEnd(Today())-1))


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Re: Conditional Let

Use this date(MonthEnd(AddMonths(today(),-1))) as <Fieldname>

This can also be used in any chart that you might be making

Hope this helps