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Conditional Show Chart in Container

I can do the Ctrl Shift S and it goes away and it works in the Qlikview 12 environment but as soon as I put the sheet into the AccessPoint for others to use it just sits and spins. The only way it will stop spinning is if I show all.

I have read almost every post in the community, watched countless you tube videos and I can't seem to get a conditional show of a chart in a container to work. I have set a variable called vHide = 0. I have set the condition to many options such as VHide = 0 or 0 or if(VHide = 0, 0, 1) and nothing will make the chart go away. 

While I'm developing new items, I don't want them to show or there are some canned charts I don't want to get rid of but right now I don't want them to show until I can review them. 

What am I doing wrong? I'm starting to go crazy. I don't want to use a button because I don't want anyone getting them them. Am I wanting to do the impossible? 

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Creator II
Creator II

I made a chart in a container conditional depending on a variable. A sample is attached.


Yep, that is what I have. vHide = 0, then on my chart in my container I have vHide = 2. It disappears. I uncheck the Show All Sheets and Objects. It works fine.  I then load it into the AccessPoint and it spins and spins and spins. Nothing comes back. I don't get it. If I go back in and check the Show Al Sheets and Objects they all appear and the AccessPoint loads. I have to be missing something. 

Digital Support
Digital Support

Sheila, in this case, it is going to be most helpful if you can attach a sample app with the issue, so folks can look into the details of things...


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