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Creator II
Creator II

Connecting from Qlikview Personal Edition to Hive (Hadoop)


I am using Qlikview Personal Edition (QPE) and I want to connect to Hadoop Hive tables.

I have Hadoop in a Quickstart Cloudera VM and I  have QPE in my host. Iwant to connect QPE to Hive usng ODBC.

I have installed the ODBC drivers in my host and I can see the driver from QPE,  don't kow how to give parameters to connection.

host: ¿¿¿??
port 10000

database: default

Hive server type: Hive server 1 / Hive server 2

My main doubt is the host, ¿how I identify my VM from my host?. I am usingVMWare as M software.

Thanks in advance

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Creator III
Creator III

Re: Connecting from Qlikview Personal Edition to Hive (Hadoop)


Hope this thread will help you. I don't think you can connect through personal edition.

If you have server then you can lease license and connect to hadoop.

How to connect Hadoop Hive