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Container question


I'm looking for some suggestions here.

Let's say I have a container and it has two charts (CH1 & CH2).  When I click

on the CH1, I want to set a variable say vCH1 = 1. How would I do this?


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Re: Container question

As far as my knowledge it is not possible. You can achieve this by using macros on IE and not with Ajax.

Also you can use  a button and a variable to show/hide these two charts outside of the container.

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Re: Container question


Instead using container, in a lot of cases i prefer deal with text boxs. Mainly because text boxs allows what you're trying to achieve by defining variable value on clicking.

See my attached .qvw.



Re: Container question

Can you explain in contextual instead of simple the use case of variable set up. We may have better offers for you?

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Re: Container question

Thank you for all your inputs.

Thanks for sharing the idea of using a textbox to mirror the functionality of a container. 

The reason I asked how to set a variable when a chart inside a container is clicked is we have an app

that has this design.  We want to show some legends/labels to explain the different calculations on the chart.

For example, both CH1 & CH2 have a calculations called "Revenue".  However they have different meanings.

So I was thinking to use a textbox and have these definitions defined.  When CH1 is clicked, show TB1.

I am just giving a very simplified explanation here.  These charts have many other calculations which need to

be explained as well.