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Container question


I have made a container called "Analysis" and within that Analysis container there are 4 or 5 containers and within those containers there are several pivot table dashboards. 

I have ONLY shared "Analysis" Container with everyone. The container within "Analysis" container and dashboards/pivot tables are unshared. 

Now, the problem is that some people see all the containers and dashboards/pivot tables within "Analysis" container and some dont see all the containers and dashboards. They only see "Analysis" container that I have shared but they dont see the unshared container/dashboards. I dont understand why?

In order for people who dont see I have to share ALL the containers and Dashboards.

The picture shows:

Row 1: Analysis Container. This container is shared with everyone. I thought if I shared this container everything underneath it would be shared.  

Row 2: Containers within "Analysis" container ("Dashboard"). This is unshared. Only some people see all the containers and others dont. I dont understand why?

Row 3: Pivot tables within containers (Regional/Product/Distributor). This is unshared. Only some people see all the pivot tables and others dont.  I dont understand why?








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Digital Support
Digital Support

The key thing here is likely the version you are running, can you share that information?  If not, I would venture if you are still on 11.20 track, and not on the latest SR there, that would be the first step I would recommend, same goes for any of the other tracks as well, be sure you have the latest SR available for that track to ensure you have all the fixes available in that track.  If you are still able to reproduce the behavior at that point, then you may want to consider submitting a support case with a sample app that we can test in our environment to see if  we can replicate things as well.  Please note that support for 12.00 has ended, and support for 12.10 track will end this coming November, so getting a fix in that release if this is a bug might be difficult as well.  Versions 12.20 and later are likely the best bet for a fix if the latest SR still shows the issue in those tracks.  Sorry I do not have anything more concrete for you.  

Oh, one other thing you may want to try is undo the nested containers, that has been problematic in the past, so it would be good to know if you pull those out such that you have separate containers if everything then works as expected at that point...


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