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Convert Time Bucket to Local Time

Hi Folks,

I have a time bucket in my table and it's starting from '00:00',it is in GMT. I need to convert this time bucket as to Local time (US).

Below is my code and output look like below . When i am using ConvertToLocalTime, its not working converting as expected.

Can anyone advise me on this issue.

The range could starts from 07:00- 07-30.


load *,time(SubField((event_Buckets),'<=',1),'hh:mm') &' - '&

time(SubField((event_Buckets),'<',3),'hh:mm') as Event_Range;

LOAD EventDate,

     %StateKey ,

    class(frac(ConvertToLocalTime(TimeStamp)),1/48) as event_Buckets,


     ConvertToLocalTime(TimeStamp) as TimeStamp ,


    ConvertToLocalTime(eventdatetime) as eventdatetime,


from [$(File)](QVD);




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Re: Convert Time Bucket to Local Time

Hi ,

Can anyone look into this issue.

Avinash R

Gysbert Wassenaar

Sunny Talwar

Honored Contributor

Re: Convert Time Bucket to Local Time

Is this not working?

ConvertToLocalTime(FieldName, 'EST')

Re: Convert Time Bucket to Local Time

If your time is in GMT then try like this , otherwise you need convert the time to GMT or UTC first and then use the formula

ConvertToLocalTime(TimeStamp,'Central Time (US &Canada)')