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Convert a container into a pie chart


I have a container with  6 columns(dimensions) and 2 rows(measures).

These are 12 text boxes.

How can I have a Pie Chart in the same container with the same data. I don't have with a toggle option to switch between the chart and the container.


Please let me know in case I am not clear.

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Re: Convert a container into a pie chart

So are you saying you want the Pie Chart inside the same Container object as the Text Boxes objects, or are you stating you want to view either the Container with the Text Objects or the Pie Chart?  

You should be able to just add the Pie Chart to the Container if that is what you want, otherwise for the latter, there are going to be multiple ways to go at things in that case.  You can minimize one while the other is maximized etc., or you could use Show Conditions in the object properties of the Container and Pie Chart etc.  

If you can clarify further, I suspect one of us can give you better guidance, a screenshot could be helpful in this case as well.  


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