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Correlation of two variables

Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on a project where I need to compare the following:

  • The numbers of calls sent to a unit during a day (using vCalls as a variable)
  • The numbers of times a unit was assigned while doing an activity during a day (using vDistAct as a variable)
    • In this environment, an "activity" can be daily vehicle check, meal period, end of shift cleaning period... And they can be either delayed or interrupted - but for this example, they are all considered "disturbed"

We are working under the assumption that a busier a day will be, the more chances a unit have to be assigned during an activity and I'd like to get the correlation between the two items. There is one - I've used Excel to get it, but now I need to add it to QV.

Given the fact that I need to exclude some data point using "IF" conditions (both in Calls and Activities), I am using variables to simplify the correlation expression. Attached is spreadsheet with the data for Calls and Activities - the number I need to use to create the Correl expression.

I've tried multiple times it QV to create a Correl expression, but I either get an error or a value of "-" (minus sign).

Anyone can provide assistance on that?



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Re: Correlation of two variables

Any one can provide assistance on that question?