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Count all the duplicates

Hello the community,

I manage a dashboard that upload everyday the workflow of a TE dept.

Each day hundreds of trip numbers are uploaded and processed.

Sometimes there are not processed the same day, so they will reappear on the next workflow load the day after.

Sometimes, some trip number reappear after a few weeks because they have been processed but rejected and therefore submitted again.

Here is what I would like to do:

- Track all the duplicates trip number not processed yet : those have a unique code and the same posting date.

- Track all the duplicates trip number rejected : those have a unique code and therefore a different posting date.

I just need to get the sum of those 2 kind of duplicates

Under excel I guess I would have simply used a "SumProduct" formula but I dont know how to do so under QlikView.

Thank you for your help 

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Re: Count all the duplicates

Could you post sample of your data?

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Re: Count all the duplicates

Hi Robert,

Somehow I posted this question twice. Here is this answer from Gysbert http://community.qlik.com/thread/155601

Thank you tho