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Count for a column per week wise

Hi All,

I required count of a column 'X' per week wise.

Column Name20-1-201521-1-201522-1-201523-1-201524-1-201525-1-201526-1-2015

so i have given in the above table for one week details.

So when i click on this week 20-1-2015 i required output for "X" column count as '4'(here it should count  all 1's for this week)



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if you use a straight table with two dimensions (X and week(yourdatefield))

and e.g. a listbox with your datefield and you select the 20-1-2015, the table will Show 4 in your case

alternatively you candefine a drill down Group with week and date, so you can drill as above and when you go up to week you will see your desired output

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Thanks For your reply,

We are using pivot table and here we have two selections DATE and WEEK check boxes.

So when i click on date check box the above mentioned table will be displayed, but when i click on week check box for the weekstart as '20-1-2015' and display in 'X' as 0.

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if you have the week defined with weekstart yiu will get 0 as Output. in this case you Need to use week(weekstart(yourdate). but you would not need weekstart only week(yourdate).

can you post small example qvw?