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Count not behaving as I expected

Hello everyone, just wanted to know if I am understanding things properly (still learning)

I have an excel files that I try to upload to qlikview. Each month, the system generates a new file and put it in my computer.

Each file has a Month field (this contains the corresponding month on which the file is generated), so if the file is generated on January 31st (the last day for the month), each data (in each row), it will have January in the Month field.

To give you examples (for January file):

Agent ID     Agent Name      Sales Date      Sales Amount      Month          Group

1                Susy                 2                    1000                   January        Operations

2                Tony                 4                     500                    January        Operations

1                Susy                 6                    2000                   January        Operations


We also have 2 groups, Operations and Consumer, so there are 2 files for each month that the system generates (separately) with different name, so in one file, the group will only be Operations, in the other file, Consumer.

Now what I am trying to do is to get the number of Sales that occured, but in Qlikview. In Excel, I could very easily just have a look at the last row of the file, substract it by 1 (because of the fields in row1) to get the number of sales that occured, regardless of which agent that did the sales.

In Qlikview, I tried to use a chart, showing the Month (as dimension), and Count(Month) as expression.

it is working but in some months, the number shown in Qlikview chart is different than the file. For example, for the month of September, there are 10469 entries in the excel file, but the QV chart only shows 10292. Some months are accurate, some are not.

Does anyone know why sometimes it's not couting properly?