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Count of dataes

I have table as below.Here PlanDate,EndDate,StartDate,StartEndDate are different phases.....

ID     PlanDate             EndDate             StartDate           StartEndDate

1      10/06/2016         10/08/2016         11/05/2016          11/19/2016

2.                                10/10/2016         10/20/2016

Here I have to get the count of ID only if it has date between PlanDate and StartDate  has.

So based on the above example I should Only get count of 1.How can I do that ?

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Re: Count of dataes

It has date between PlanDate and StartDate? Can you elaborate a little bit?


Re: Count of dataes

Hi sunny

Ya...get count only if it has date between PlanDate and StartDate.

For Ex: ID 2 doesnt have a PlanDate ...so it doesn't count...

Thanks much

Re: Count of dataes

so you want to only count IDs that do not have a PlanDate?