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Count out of limits in a range of dates, control chart

Dear All,

I need to display count the data that arer out of the limits in the selected time period, i have this:

control chart

chart control.JPG


i have the expression to know wich ones are out of range:

if( ([S/F] > vLSGralTAD) or ( [S/F] < vLIGralTAD), [S/F],0)

table chart.JPG

Where i expect how many data are out, in and calculate de percentage of those who are inside de bounds.

Out: 6

In: 16

Total: 22

% In:  72.7 %

Any one can help me to this set expression syntax.

Following is the expression I'm using for count the data  where it is not showing any error in expression view but no data returned.

For count the data that are in the limits:

Count(   {<if( [S/F] > vLSGralTAD or [S/F] < vLIGralTAD),0,1)>} DISTINCT{<fecha_ex={"<=$(vFechaFinal)>=$(vFechaInicial)"} >} )

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Re: Count out of limits in a range of dates, control chart

someone who can support me?