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Contributor III
Contributor III

Count "values" of set expression, in range of two values


Please see the below expression I have calculated:






From this expression, I am trying to create a chart that shows how many values are associated to a categorized range of numbers. The dimension it should be calculated against is PRODUCT.

So, for example

1-6WKS = 876

6-7WKS = 987

8-15WKS = 621


I'm figuring that I would need to use the Count function, but am having difficulty in doing so. 

This is what I am trying:





= {'>1<6'}>} PRODUCT)


This however, will not portray any data. Can I not use a set expression after Count?

Thanks in advance!

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Perhaps this?

Count({<PRODUCT={">1<6"}>} Aggr(num((sum(Rolling13Sum)*WEEK)/sum(Rolling13Sum)),'##.0'), Product))

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Contributor III
Contributor III


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, it keeps saying there is an "Error in Expression". 

It is highlighting the end: , Product))

I think it is a simple syntax error, but I'm having trouble getting it to read it.