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Creator II
Creator II

Create From and To Filters from fields

I have two Fields that has Countries.


I need to create two Filters (Dropdown boxes)

Source and Destination. How can I create two different List boxes from the these tables such that

1. If I select California in Source, it shouldn't show up in Destination List Box.

2. Also, how can I create One-way and Round trip Radio Buttons and if it is 'Round Trip', it should show Source and Destination Twice based on initial Source-Destination selections?


California to Floria - Roundtrip

Source                  Destination

California              Florida

Source                   Destination

Florida                  California

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If your source and destination are fields on the same record, you would be able to select source as CA in a list box and the other listbox will reduce to only those records that have FL. Here is some sample data. It might be a bit more involved if your field value on your real data is all in one field, but you could pull it apart using SubField, and if source and destination are equal, that might be RT, else OW.  Hope this is helpful.


If(Source=Dest,'Roundtrip','Oneway') as Trip_type
SubField(descr,' to ',1) as Source,
SubField(descr,' to ',2) as Dest
descr, order_id, qty
CA to FL, 123, 2000
CA to GA, 124, 2500
CA to CA, 125, 2100
FL to FL, 126, 2005
GA to FL, 127, 1900

Creator II
Creator II


Hi, this requires changing the existing fields with 'to' combinations, which is a lot of work. Also, this does not meet the requirement I have.

When a user selects One country in Source and another Country in Destination, and selects Roundtrip in a list box, it should show roundtrip as below:

Source                       Destination

Australia                    Canada

Source                       Destination

Canada                      Australia