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Create a d3 bubble chart extension in qlikview

Hello everyone

I am trying to create a 2-dimensional, 1 measure d3 chart visualizations like bubble charts (this one is in d3) in Qlikview. I looked for some available bubble charts in qlikview, found this link, however this one only has a single dimension. The second dimension that I am looking to add is a color gradient (as shown in the chart above).

I explored further and found a reference to create a new extension. For creating the extension, I used the javascript code in the above bubble chart link. However when I follow the instructions in the extension guide, the chart in qlikview is not created, though I get the options to select 2 dimensions and the measure.

I also found d3 charts extension for Qlik-Sense which is already available, but am not sure if I can use it in qlikview and if yes, then how.

Can please someone help me how can I create a 2-D d3 chart in qlikview using any of the above methods or any other method if available?



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