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Creating Stacked Charts with 3 variables

Please help me recreate this graph in QlikView: I need a stacked bar chart. Each bar represents 100% share and then each bar is divided into the share per brand (Brand is the first variable). This first bar will represent Family Store sales in 2009. (The 2nd and third variables are Store Type and Year). The third bar should show Family Store sales in 2010. The fourth bar should show Hypermarkets in 2009, the fifth bar Hypermarkets 2010. And so on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Creating Stacked Charts with 3 variables

Please can you load the QV document with sample data? It will be easy for one of us to work on it...

Thanks - DV


Re: Creating Stacked Charts with 3 variables

Generally speaking, you'd have two dimensions, bar chart, stacked.  I tried checkmarking "relative", but it looks like it's relative to the total, so you need to handle that part yourself.  Something like this in your expression:

sum(whatever)/sum(total <SomeDimension> whatever)

Display as a percentage on the number tab.  Probably go to the Axes tab and set a static max of 1, or it'll tend to go a bit above the 100% mark, not realizing that nothing will be above that.

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