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Criterias to select correct records to load


I have been playing around with Qlikview Desktop and, although I managed to get some good KPIs pretty quickly, on the other hand I have noticed how delicate the application is when it comes to loading data according to association criterias.

In other words, I have noticed that associations between logical data is very much unpredictable.

For instance, if I move a select before or after another select, good bye good results.

At page 367 of the manual there are some explanations but not enough to understand the logic.

I wonder if there is any technote or blog around which provides a more in-depth description.

Thanks in advance


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Master II
Master II

See this, is probable aid you

Types of loads in Qlikview

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Thanks Enrique, I checked the post you suggested and I do not think it applies to my question.

My issue is to understand how associations are made in Qlikview.

I know we should not care too much about those details, but the reality is that I never know which fields to select of each column because. Sometimes adding up a field screw up everything other time it does not...

is there a criteria to select fields for each table?