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Customize alert message and alert conditions (how to?)

Hope someone in here can help me understand how to approach this task I have set my self. 
I need someone to really explain how to do this in a simple way, and not like showing a caveman a spaceship and telling him "now u build one" (See you in a couple of thousand years then) 🙂 

I am using Qlikview personal edition to see if I can generate an app that makes it possible via conditional text objects and alert via pop-up box and email, to find heat meters that have too high consumption over a period of time.  

Okay, here we go. 

First of all, I need to make (maybe a variable) that is a threshold. (Data I use is below in my example) 

  1. I want to know if the sum(consumption_in_kWh) exceeds 3 over a period of 4 days.  
  2. I want to know if there is consumption in (Consumption_in_m3) but not in (consumption_in_kHw) over a period of 3 days. 

If one of these (alarms=thresholds) are met, then I need to return the Customer,Property_adress,Meter_location,period_of_time(the 3 days)

CustomerProperty_adressMeter_locationMeter_noCreatedkWHConsump_in_kwhm3consumption_ _in_m3
NASANasa street 1Rocket fuel heater6872766501-03-2019335541,0035000
NASANasa street 1Rocket fuel heater6872766502-03-2019335551,0035011
NASANasa street 1Rocket fuel heater6872766503-03-2019335561,0035021
NASANasa street 1Rocket fuel heater6872766504-03-2019335574,0035031
NASANasa street 1Rocket fuel heater6872766505-03-201933558,0035052
NASANasa street 1Rocket fuel heater6872766506-03-201933559,0035061
NASANasa street 1Rocket fuel heater6872766507-03-201933559,0035071


So I could get a text object or an alert to activate on RELOAD, where the message would be something like


It seems that your 'Rocket fuel heater ' located on 'Nasa street 1' has exceeded 'sum(consumption_in_kWh)' over a period of 'min(created)' to 'max(created)'  This is WAY more than the government granted you in funding. 

the min 'min(created)' and 'max(created)' are of course the start of the 3 day period and the end where the consumption was too high 

When I have this I would like to use in it in an Alert. image.png


Also, I need to use it for a text object was it is shown if NASA is selected. 

Quite a mouthful I know.... But if you can help me step by step figure this out.. I will literally build you a freaking spaceship - Star Treck worthy. 

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