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Cyclic Group not showing data


I am new to QlikView and run into a scenario where I have a combo chart with two dimension

1. Date

2. Customers (Cyclic Group which has values A,B,C,D etc for example)

In the expressions I have AVG of customers sales for example:


The problem is when the Cyclic Group icon is appearing on the chart it looks like it doesn't have any data for customers but they are appearing on x axis instead.

What is required here is the cyclic group should allow to select any specific customer and then based on expression it should calculate the AVG of Sales for his PRM category products for the specified date range.

A similar solution like this one is working well without any problem.

Couldn't find out what might be going wrong here and need suggestion.

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Re: Cyclic Group not showing data

Hi, maybe "vstartDate" should be "vStartDate"?

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Re: Cyclic Group not showing data

Try adding your dates into a variable.  Let us know.

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Re: Cyclic Group not showing data

if possible send the part of your app where you are trying to achieve this functionality