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Cycling through sheet objects

I am creating a report in QV that summarizes some survey answers I have collected. I would like to create a visual for each question (like a pie chart or a radar chart) that shows how many people chose each of the answer choices, but I'm looking for options to only show one visual at a time because there are 20+ survey questions. Ideally, I would have some sheet object (such as a multi box) that viewers can use to choose the survey question they wish to analyze, and then the visual would show them the breakdown of answers for that question, and all other visuals for the rest of the questions would be hidden.

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Re: Cycling through sheet objects

I know this is old but in case anyone else stumbles across it, here is what I would do:

create a variable and define it as  vQuestion=GetfieldSelections(Question)

Use conditional display in each chart $(vQuestion)='Question text here'

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