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Dashboards in Access Point Qlikview v12

Dear Team -

A CAL assigned user is able to see all the documents when they launch access point, but they can't get into other dashboards as his access is limited to only one.

Is there way to restrict uses by see all the dashboards on Access point why then launch it.

Example: i have 3 documents published to Access point and give 1 CAL usage for 1 documents only where he can open it in access point. Whereas, he can see all 3 documents when they log in even though when they attempt to see other it will give an error saying "You are not authorized to view due to CAL usage"





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Hi, there are "document cals" wich gives access to only one document to one user and "user cals" that gives access to any number of document to one user. Which ones are you using?

If you have document cals restrictions works as expected, if you are using user cals and want to restrict access to some documents you can use section access or remove windows permissions to see the files.

Digital Support
Digital Support

Sean, the important thing to understand is the CAL has nothing to do with the rights/permission to view the file, it is simply allowing access to things in the QVS...  You need to control what the users see in the AccessPoint page by using the security/NTFS/DMS permissions/rights on the files, that is the correct way to do things.  I suspect you are using All Authenticated potentially or another security setting when distributing things which is allowing everyone to see the apps.  If you are assigning Document CALs, then the user will only actually be able to open the app(s) to which they have been assigned a Document CAL, but they may see other apps, and again, that is due to how the security has been set on the files.  Hopefully this makes some sense, shout back if you have further questions, and I can try to explain a bit further, but I am hoping this gets you on the right track with things.  

Just remember CAL equal right to open things via QVS, but the NTFS/DMS permisssions are what actually control what users see in the AccessPoint page, oh, and so can Section Access in the Load Script, almost forgot to mention that too.  


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