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Data Normalization and Standardization


I am new to qlikview and I am working on a graph that or two variables. The data for one variable is a lot larger than the other so I am trying to standardize my variables to either [-1, 1] or [0,1] based on criteria selected in two different list boxes; one for year and other other for region.

Here is what I have so far in my expression:

(MYVAR - min({$<region={‘$(region)’}, year={$(year)}>} MYVAR) / ( max({$<region={‘$(region)’}, year={$(year)}>} MYVAR) - min({$<region={‘$(region)’}, year={$(year)}>} MYVAR))

MYVAR is just a placeholder for the variable I am using for privacy reasons.

My chart displays "No data to display", what I am doing wrong?

Thank you.

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Re: Data Normalization and Standardization


without seeing the real data it might be a bit complicated to judge on possible spelling-errors etc.

But would suggest to analyse your formula term-by-term.

It may also help, not to assign a lable to your expression in a (straight)table. on mouse over you may see, which values are used in your expression. This may assist you in finding the error (pay special attention to NULL-values then)

HTH Peter