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Data Structure on Bar chart

i have 2 datasets in my dashboard: scenario and baseline.

both contain the same field names but different field values. i want to create a trend chart that shows the 'baseline' value of a building + the 'scenario' cost of that building. i want 1 line to show the 'baseline' cost' and the other multiple lines to show scenario cost for the different years. 

since the datasets have different values, how do i re-structure them to accomplish this? 

or is it something i can do in Qlik instead?

i have attached the QVW file and the excel files for the dashboard. thanks!

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Re: Data Structure on Bar chart

Try having a look at the following Help link:


This explains concatenation in QlikView as well as how to prevent auto-concatenation, which is likely the easiest thing for you to do here, load each of your sources into separate QlikView Tables.  Hopefully this gets you on the right track with things.


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