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Data inconsistency when using duplicate tables for removing circular loops

Sorry for not attaching any block diagram to get a complete idea. I tried to attach an image but i am unable to.

I will try to detail my issue

NB: This is a sample case as i cannot post the real data here. The real scenario is a bit more complex.

I have 4 tables.

Sales :

  • Product ID
  • Calendar_Date
  • ... and some other fields specific to sales

Product :

  • Product ID
  • Calendar_Date
  • ... and some other fields specific to product


  • Product ID
  • Calendar_Date
  • ... and some other fields specific to Offer

Time :

  • Processed_Date
  • ... and some other fields specific to Time

I need to associate the tables using the following conditions.

  1. Sales.Calendar_Date=Time.Processed_Date
  2. product.Calendar_Date=Time.Processed_Date
  3. Offer.Calendar_Date=Time.Processed_Date
  4. Sales.Product_ID=Product.Product_ID
  5. Product.Product_ID=Offer.Product_ID
  6. Offer.Product_ID=Sales.Product_ID

In order to achieve this by avoiding circular loops, i have done the following changes.


  • Product ID1
  • Calendar_Date as Calendar_Date1


  • Product ID1
  • Product ID2
  • Calendar_Date as Calendar_Date2


  • Product ID2
  • Product ID3
  • Calendar_Date as Calendar_Date3


  • Processed_Date as Calendar_Date1


  • Processed_Date as Calendar_Date2


  • Processed_Date as Calendar_Date3

I could avoid circular loops by doing so. But the issue is,

When i try to create a chart or table in qlik,  i can only get the correct data if i plot between time1 and Sales, but note for time2 vs Sales or time3 vs Sales.

Similarly for time1 vs product or  time3 vs product and time1 vs Offeror time2 vs Offer.

Please help me on this.

Sorry again for not posting an image.