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Data sources for Qlikview


We are using cisco information server(formerly know as composite server) in one of our projects and I would like to know if qlikview supports this Cisco information server as a datasource?

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Re: Data sources for Qlikview

If it has an odbc driver or can output data as txt, csv or xml files then yes.

[I am pretty sure there is an odbc driver for it]

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Re: Data sources for Qlikview


Contact with your account manager in Qlik Team.

Perhaps he is the right person to answer this You have chat options are available from www. qlik.com.

I believe they can understand and fulfill requirements.


Pavan N

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Re: Data sources for Qlikview

cisco information server is part of the visualization tool of cisco. Why not connect to the database instead of connecting to a visualization server

Re: Data sources for Qlikview


a short web search reveals that there indeed seems to be an odbc driver available:

How do you remove the Cisco Information Server ODBC driver from a Windows client? - Cisco

hope this helps