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Date formula for row of pivot table

Hi all,

This seems like a great community and I would love some support on this calculation I am trying to do. I have a pivot table that has specific serial numbers for rows and process steps for columns with the measure being the date that process was closed.

I am trying to create a text color expression that highlights certain serial numbers that have not moved in 3+ days from the last complete process.

The current formula is straight forward that is:

if(today()-[Process closed date]>3, red())

The problem I am obviously facing is that this highlights ALL dates that are over 3 days old, which is the majority of dates.


Any thoughts so that the only dates highlighted would be those that have not moved forward in the past 3 days on the LATEST process step?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Date formula for row of pivot table


I assume that the last completed process would have the latest date for that serial number, so I'd try

if(today()-Max([Process closed date])>3, red())