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Date label problem within a drill-down group

I created a drill-down group, using dimension Year, Month and Date. The drill-down works as excepted but for one item: the label which is shown when date is selected. Year and Moneth are numbers, date is not and I would like it to be shown as dd/mm/yyyy (at the moment the number value is shown in the chart (for example 41213 = 31-10-2012). Is there a way to display the label in the format I like?

Used fields: Jaar (labeled Year), Maand (labeled Month) and an expression =Date#(Datum, 'DD/MM/YYYY') labeled Date.

Printscreen drill-down group.JPG

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Re: Date label problem within a drill-down group

The date# function makes a date from a string. It will return a number, which is what you're seeing. If you want to specify a display format you also need to use the date function: date(date#(Datum),'DD/MM/YYYY'),'DD/MM/YYYY')

But I think you should try to fix this in the load script instead so your Datum field is already a date field with the format you want by the time you're using it in charts.

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Re: Date label problem within a drill-down group

Many thanks for your answer. I tried the function, but this resulted in a display of one bar for all the dates in the selection and no label. I changed it back, which resulted in date label?, but with timestamp, way this changed I can't explain. No other settings where adjusted. I'll try your suggestion regarding the load script.