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Date selection

Hi Everyone,

Good Morning :~)

Hi, I have a new problem.

I have two fields- Load Date & Create Date.

The requirement is- a user picks a date range from the Load Date(say June 1st 2010 to June 30th 2010) and some functions should take place. Also he wants the count of all the newly created items created after the selected Load date range i.e. From July 1st till today's date.

But the problem is, once the user picks a date range in the Load date, the required dates in the Created Date field grays out.

So, how do we solve such issues.

Please help,



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Date selection

Well if you select a load date range, QV looks into the data to see which create dates are present in records for which the load date matches the load date range. All the create dates that fade out are dates without selected data. If all dates fade out, maybe check that your data is properly loaded.