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Dates and count is not correct


In attached file  i have populated missing data but there are two problems with the output

1) count is showing 4204. Although it should be 115 as  it does with distinct count.  I don't understand where this 4204 comes from although i have removed all data from final load?

2) Final date format is dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss but i want this to format in script as dd/mm/yyyy. I tried Date(Date#) but its not working. I can work around this in front end but i want to do this in script.


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Re: Dates and count is not correct

1) when you check the number of rows in your table you'll find the 4204

    in the table you see less, as many datarows are identical and therefor only Show once

    try to use a distinct in your select statements

2) you cam doit in script (recommended if you always Need date and not time)

   date(Reporting Date) as [Reporting Date]

or in table use tab number ReportingDate and Overreide data Format with "Date"