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Decimal extract in Script

Hi Community,

we have many fields with decimal data like below. But when we store into csv by STORE, decimal data is missing. Is there any way we can handle it.

Here I am expecting we have to handle more than 30 columns and in the script only.

Ex: Data






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Re: Decimal extract in Script

Any ideas?

Re: Decimal extract in Script

What would be most helpful in trying to help you is a sample qvw along with the resulting QVD you create from that, so we can check both sides of things here.  Do not really have any suggestions based upon what you have told us thus far, apologies.


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Re: Decimal extract in Script

It is hard to send you general advice on this problem, maybe you could reproduce it into a simple QlikView or Qlik Sense file that you could share?

One thought I had. Are the rest of your columns correct? Could it be that you are storing data with comma separated decimal into a comma separated csv file?

The table below

Field1, Field2, Field3
0.1, 0,1
0.2, 0,2
0.3, 0,3

Will result in Field2 having all zeros and Field3 having 1, 2 and 3.
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