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Contributor II

Default chart selection


I am using straight table with list of columns and having 2 buttons one is button 1 other one is button 2, having date range selection like date from :......  and date to:

I put a condition as:After selecting the data range only I will get my straight table data so I got that which is same table when I click on button 1.  If I want to see button 2 straight table which is sensitive data I must and should click on button 2 then only the table will appear .That works good to me. But, my problem is once I click on button 2 - table related to this button which is sensitive data is displaying even I clear the date range selections. 

So, I want like- the button 2 - straight table should not display once I change the date range it should display by default only button 1- straight table information. I should get button 2 - sensitive information straight table only when I click on button 2. Please help me asap. If I am nit clear please let me know. Thanks!!


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Digital Support
Digital Support

Re: Default chart selection

Best I can offer is the following Design Blog post:


The only way to do it automatically is to have the button setting things such that you could have the dates also reset things, but I think the design blog idea is much simpler and should be logical to the users as well.  There should be a means to do it via expression in Conditional Show, but it has to be a variable of some sort in that case that your button changes and your clearing of the dates triggers back to the alternate value to hide things....


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