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Default selection after section access

Hi all,

I my application i have many adhoc reports(customized straight tables)

These ad-hoc reports needs to be save as per defaults.

say out of 6 dimensions, 2-3 columns should be selected always.Before saving i always use to select hose fields in the defaults.

After implementing section access this property does not work at all.

whenever i select any defaults close the document then these selections go away in ad-hoc report.

Why are this defaults going away. Is this due to section access? If yes, what is the solution?

Thanks and Regards


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Re: Default selection after section access

Dear Khushboo,

Yes this is happening sue to the section access. Because the selection you are doing might not stay true according to section access.

For solution, it is important to know what are the fields which you want to keep as default selection also let us know what are the default value.


Kaushik Solanki

Kaushik Solanki
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Re: Default selection after section access

Dear Kaushik,

Thanks for your reply.

e.g .For section access i have two group say adult(age>17 years) and pediatric(age <17). This works fine. But i have Adhoc reports having below dimensions:




3.Time Period

i want name and time period to be selected when i land in that Ad-Hoc report (default selections)

Let me know how to achieve this. I want to avoid use triggers due to performance issue and also these defaults are required in many screens.

Re: Default selection after section access

Is your ad-hoc reporting built using a date island for Dimension selection? Then try to attach this date island to all SA entries (using another link table?) and you will keep your default selections.


Re: Default selection after section access

If possible can you please share the sample data ...so that we can try out the solution

Re: Default selection after section access


You can use the variables or the maxstring functions to get the one value and then you can use them in your set analysis to make selections, but this could limit your chart to show data for only one user.

You will have to try different things to see how it can be done using variables.

If you have sample data, please post here with detailed information on what you want as output.


Kaushik Solanki

Kaushik Solanki