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Delete files with script

Is it possible to delete files using the script?

I have an scrip that loads a file and the makes use a store to save the outcome as a new file, but noticed that If I run this is script and the file is already saved on the folder the script stop triggering some erro message. When I delete the file manually, and run the script again everything works fine. So I wonder if I can add some kind of DELETE function at the beginning to be sure no previous files are present in the folder.

Does it make sense?

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Re: Delete files with script

You can use Execute statement to run batch file which can delete the file.

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Re: Delete files with script

and the (technical) user executing the script must have write/delete priviliges.

Re: Delete files with script

And the user must also be allowed to run external programs

Re: Delete files with script

An extensive treatment by Stefan Walther of multiple options to delete files is provided here: QlikTip #30: How to delete existing QVD files via load-script