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Delimiter not been recognized

Hi all,

I am facing a problem with delimiters in Qlikview. I have data with '|' as delimiters, however based on sample data as below  qlikview does not recognize '|' as delimiters  due to apostrophe ( ' ). When i loaded the data into Qlikview, the data is combined it into one field instead of separate field.

Any advice or solution could fix the problem? Thanks!!?



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Re: Delimiter not been recognized

Hi Meng Hui Lee,

Is that actually a delimited file? It also looks like fixed size. Anyway, make sure you are specifying "no quotes" in the load statement file options.

As a last resort, do MSQ format truncates data while loading from delimited text file



Re: Delimiter not been recognized


I recently i also faced delimeter issue, got resolved.

Can u share ur table script and output ?

while loading from SAP report Delimeter issues will come by following reasons:

  1. As per the below mentioned Qik Community link, the issue can also occur when sorting is used in SAP Layout-Settings. Hence all such sorting at SAP report setting side should be removed before extraction.
  2. Ref.: https://community.qlikview.com/thread/108716

Do the test run with above change and probably with a new test report created in SAP not having any sorting, to isolate any human error. I believe that this should work however considering remote possibilities of other factors, kindly follow the steps below in case the above fails:

  1. Use the above new test SAP report and change the Report Format to "List" in place of ALV (Grid) and check.
  2. . This may also occur if number of fields are more. Remove unwanted fields which will reduce the number and then check.
  3. . After removing the unwanted fields, if the issue persists, then extract only five fields and check.


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Re: Delimiter not been recognized


Thank you for your replied.

Let me explain more details on it. I do need load the data into Qlikview, but i found there is one row of the record not loaded accordingly due to the apostrophe ('). My delimiter is vertical line (|) , but the data have the apostrophe after the delimiter. Ex: |'AINUL AFIQAH BINTI      |'AINUL AFIQAH BINTI  |

So Qlikview doesn't recognized the vertical line as delimiter, in fact this 2 ( 'AINUL AFIQAH BINTI  ) should be insert into different field instead of gather into one field.  My expected output have to consist the apostrophe also, so i hope to find a solution to load this data into database with separate field.

.txt data file:




Expected output: