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Differences compared to previous month

Hi All,

I have the following situation:

I have a list of about 100 Employees from a group of companies in several departments. I can see that the earnings of these employees are raising and I would need to see wich imployees had their wages changed.

I would like three solutions:

1. I would like to ad a column to my Pivot table in wich to show the changes in relation with the previous month

2. I would like to highlite in red the emlpoyees that had their salary raised and in green the ones that had their salary lowerd

3. I would like to have the possibility to filter the employees after the change of their salaries using three possible categories: Salary increased, Salary decreased, Salary did not change.

I am using a personal edition, I wont't be able to import QlikView files.

Thank you for your suport,