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Displayed names of applications on Access Point

Is there a way, and if not, WHY NOT, to present an user friendly name for applications that is not the actual application name?

It seems that it would be preferential to have an application naming scheme to better organize, inventory, and track applications within an IT Governance set of policies and guidelines, unrelated to actual purpose or categorization within the user community.

For example applications could be named:

HR_Hire_DB_001.qvw  and


when the user would see "HR New Hire Dashboard" and "HR EEOC Dashboard"

The two applications may have many commonalities in the data sources and build but be completely different from a user perspective.


IS_Brand_A.qvw and IS_Brand_B.qvw where the data and application are the same but the look and feel, color schemes are different for different brands or divisions withing a company.

Naming applications "Income Statement Northwest Floral Delivery.qvw" and "Income Statement Souther New Hampshire Water Works" seems like a mess to manage.

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Re: Displayed names of applications on Access Point

I have been using the "Reduce" tab > Reduced Document Name in the QMC tasks to set a "friendly name" when distributing an app to the AccessPoint. You can use it even if you are not reducing the document or not even reloading it.

The ".qvw" cannot be avoided though, unless you change the JS files.