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Drill down from a single line chart


   I want to create a line chart which shows say a total sales(of all products) initially and when someone clicks on it it splits into several categories(Products)

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Re: Drill down from a single line chart


You have to make different fields for different levels so that you could use them as dimensions.

Lets assume you have three fields:

AllProducts - this one have the only one value for all products.

Category -  this is for product categorys

Products - this is the name of the particular product.

Then you can create a drill-down or cyclic group from that dimensions (Document properties->Groups tab).

Now you could use this group as dimension.

Note that 'All products' field will be omitted for drill-down group as QV jumps to the next level when there is only one value on the current.

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Re: Drill down from a single line chart


    Thats the problem. I want the 'All Products' field to be shown by default and only when i click on it should QV move on to the next field that is 'Category'. How do you make QV stop at All Products?

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Re: Drill down from a single line chart

You could add a null() value into AllProducts

Without fact values the null should be hidden but now QV will wait for the user selection to jump in.

If it's not hidden, you can always use 'Supress when value is null', but note that it will also hide nulls from all next levels.