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Dynamic Cal Assignment

My current publishing process is as follows:

1.) Create a Table in the Source Document containing Branch and User


Branch, User

Chicago, Steve

Atlanta, Bob

2.) Create a Task in the Qlikview Management Console to loop and reduce by Branch and loop and distribute by User

After running the task I have two User Documents:

Sales Chicago

Sales Atlanta

Because Steve and Bob not do not have Named User Cals I then go in and assign a Doc Cal on each User Document.

3.) I also define Steve as the Assigned User on Sales Chicago and Bob as the Assigned User on Sales Atlanta

I am wondering if step three is required or if I can use the Allow Dynamic Cal assignment and simply assign each document 1 Doc Cal?

If I understand it correctly: Steve is the only user that will see the document Sales Chicago because of loop and reduce and loop and distribute. As long as there is an Doc Cal that is not in use it will automatically be assigned to him when he opens the document.

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Re: Dynamic Cal Assignment

Distribution is doing on the each named user or authorized users ?

In your case, both users can access to both documents unless you have section access.

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Re: Dynamic Cal Assignment


Dynamic Cals are like they will assign CAL to user dynamically. like, if you assign 3 dynamic CALs to a document, first 3 users who access application will have CALs & 4th user will run into access denied error.

So assign CAL to specific user & remove option Allow Dynamic CAL to user which should fix your issue.