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Dynamic text in a text/image object


I need to have different text displayed in a Text/Image object depending on a selection:

What I have done so far:


Set variables in the loader, IE:

SET v_TXT_EU_15 = 'This is the string for EU 15 blah...';
SET v_TXT_EU_13 = 'This is the string for EU 13 blah...';

In my text object, I set a Measure with a condition:

='Text to display:' & if([Is EU 15]='Yes',v_TXT_EU_15,v_TXT_EU_13))

Which so far, is working...


My issue is that the (currently static) text needs to have measures inserted depending on the selection...  and this is something I cannot do in the loader.

What method would you recommend?

PS: I can't use any extention.



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Specialist II
Specialist II

Please share a sample app or data with Expected output

I can't share the qvf (Not sure what part is confidential or not)

I am currently resorting to create the string in the Measure, it works but it's crass.


=if([Is EU 15]='Yes','Text for EU 15:','The EU 13 text:') 
&' has '
&Count(distinct [%QK_ERC_PI])
&' researchers per million of population which is ' 
&[Num Researchers percentage] 
&' the EU average '
& [Eu research avg] 
&' and ranks ' 
&[Ranking in EU-28]
& ' place.';

This is one sentence out of 60+...