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Email Queries

Hi ,

I am new to Qlikview , i am trying to use E-mail functionality in Qlikview , I used a button object and used it to trigger a Macro from where the existing sheet has to be mailed .

While i am using the below Macro only the sheet area which fits in My screen is getting captured and mailed . I want to get the complete Sheet .How do i resolve this issues, and also i want to make a schedule which triggers the e-mail capturing the whole sheet .

Suggesst me if you have any easy ways to Do the Triggering

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Re: Email Queries

I think you would need to use a screen capture program that is able to scroll & stitch the complete application window.

There are some free programs available, just search for something like 'freeware screenshot capture scroll'

Then adapt the macro code (guess you forgot to append the macro to your post?) if needed.

Instead of using a QV macro, you may be able to use the windows scheduler to trigger a screenshot (using the screen shot tool or a small shell script that emulated the hot key activation), then publish the image to your recipients.

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Re: Email Queries

Thanks Swuehl ,

But thats again wrapping up more macross for stiching up the images . I m looking if there is a simple functionality for getting that simple .

Kind;y advise